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InterviewWould you like to taste exceptional and original éclair cake and rediscover this gastronomic reference trought tastiest recipe creations ? Meet L’Atelier de l’éclair, founded by Pierre-Henri Bonnan & Gaspard de Malézieux, the first parisian cake shop dedicate to the french sweet pastry, an oblong cake made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing. L’éclair “flash of lightning” is called that way because it was eaten very quickly. But quickly is not how you want to savor those from L’Atelier du l’éclair, from sweet to salty éclair, with selected high products such as french foie gras, chocolate from Colombia or Vanilla from Caribbean islands, refinement is the word.

We decided to ask them few questions, you can read it all bellow :)


Left : Vanilla éclair – Right : Chocolate éclair

L’Atelier de l’éclair is proposing different kind of éclair, salty one for lunch and sweet one for the greedy in different size : mini éclair, perfect for a cocktail event, classic éclair for snack time and giant éclair to share with family and friends : Salty éclair will give you a new gastronomic experience between the sweetness of the choux dought and the ingredients and flavors of an elaborate sandwich. 


1. How long have you launched L’Atelier de l’éclair bakery ?

L’Atelier de l’éclair was opened on 13 November 2012. This is the first bakery dedicated to the world of Éclair cake.


2. What is your background and how did you get the idea of such concept ?

Self-taught , I always wanted to create a single-product concept. Éclair was elected favorite pastry of French people, it was obvious to me.


3. What is your best seller ?

Most sold éclair are : Grand cru chocolate, salted butter caramel and raspberry-vanilla !


Left : Lemon meringue éclair – Right : Chicken curry club éclair


4. What is the setting ? Is the location important to you?

We are located in the Montorgueil district in the heart of Paris in the 2nd district. It is a dynamic area with many food shops. The location is important because it corresponds to our customers, which is very demanding and research quality products .


5. How would you describe your shop?

Our store is listed in an industrial style, we have reproduced the spirit of Workshop with a glass laboratory to see the lightning pastry work and then offer them in the shop.


Left : Red fruits éclair – Right : Coffee éclair


Left : Foie gras & fig jam – Right : Mango & Passion fruits


6. Did you follow a certain theme , a style for the design and decoration of your baking ?

The theme is the Workshop. We used raw materials for decoration : Solid wood gray, black bricks of Belgium, white Corian and filament bulbs.


7. What is the average price for an éclair ?

The average price of an éclair is about 4.50 €.


8. Is there plans for L’Atelier de l’éclair in near future ?

We have development projects with the opening of new stores in France and abroad.


Thank you Gaspard ! :)


Left : Vanilla éclair – Right : Gran Cru Chocolate éclair


 Did you test it ? dit you like it ? Give us your opinion ! :)


What? L’Atelier de l’éclair ( http://www.latelierdeleclair.fr/ )
Who? Pierre-Henri Bonnan & Gaspard de Malézieux
Where? 16 rue Bachaumont 75002 Paris
 When? Monday-Sunday 11h30 am – 7h30 pm

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