Our Guide to Northern Corsica

Less touristic than its Southern counterpart, Northern Corsica is the perfect nature getaway.  Famous for its lush green mountains, charming villages and golden beaches, we have compiled our favorite things to do and must eat places, just for you. Scroll down to follow our guide!


Natural reserve Scandola

We highly recommend visiting the stunning Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its grottos and coves accessible only by boat.  For hikers, head to the lush and invigorating forests of Vizzavona or Valdu Niellu, visit the lakes nestled in between the mountains of Bastani and Nino, or follow the river along the Golo, the longest river in Corsica! 

For those who don’t mind a little hard work to reach a slice of paradise, head to Agriates Desert, home of some of the most beautiful beaches in Corisca. 

Nonza Village, Cap Corse

Haute-Corse is also well known for its charming small fishing ports like Saint Florent and the fishing villages of Cap Corse.  However, our personal favorites are the medieval villages perched on the hills, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea: Nonza, Centuri, Sant ‘Antonino, Lama or Erbalonga.  For those up for the challenge, climb the highest peak in Corsica at Monte Cinto (2706m) where you will surely be rewarded with a breathtaking view unlike any other on the island. 


For those with a sweet tooth, you must try these Corsican specialties: fritelli, panzetta, chestnut flour, candied lemon, arbutus jelly, myrtle liqueur, and muscat wine! Corisca is also well known for its delicious fruits, in particular clementines and lemons when in season.

For dessert, try the canistrelli, delicious small biscuits that come in almond, lemon or chestnut flavors. Don’t forget to try the fiadone too, a traditional Coriscan cake prepared with brocciu, eggs, sugar and orange zest, and occasionally soaked in liquor.  There’s actually two different ways to make fiadone in the north and south: in the north, it is made without dough and is cooked on a chestnut leaf.  Another northern specialty is pastizzu, a dessert flavored with anise.


Corsican honey is also famous due to its ideal conditions for beekeeping. There are six varieties of Corsican honey which you can discover during your stay!

For more savory Corsican specialties, check out our Guide to Southern Corisca by clicking here.

Corsican honey


  • We recommend being extra nice to the locals who are known to be less welcoming and bit grumpy.
  • When it’s hunting season, we HIGHLY recommend staying away from the forests. You certainly don’t want to be mistaken for the wildlife…
  • When following the rivers, don’t forget your mosquito repellent! 


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