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Just a few step away from Eiffel tower, Beaugrenelle department store based at 7 rue Linois, in Paris 15th district, offers more than 100 shops, a cinema and a huge space with restaurants. In this bright six floor and aerated gigantic architecture building you will find raffined brands like Guerlain, Michael Kors, Baccarat and also big chains like Mark & Spencer, Uniqlo and H&m.

We meet for you Hugues Courage founder of “ My Pop Company” the great new fast food concept by which opened in the department store and ask him few questions :

Beaugrenelle department store

Beaugrenelle department store

Beaugrenelle department store



1.When did you open My pop company and what happened since ?

The opening was Tuesday 6th of november, so just a week ago and we still do have a lot of customers since that day !

2.Tell us a little about your career and how did you get the idea of such restaurant ?

After years working how to marry mediterranean table flavors at La Voile Rouge in Saint Tropez, I decided to open my first restaurant La Tête Ailleurs in Paris, which proposed fresh tapas.  Then i opened Bastide Blanche, a traditional parisian brewery based on a mediterranean cuisine with quality products. I often use the term “bistronomie” to describe my restaurants because I choose to mix parisian bistrot way with gastronomic meals.

Then I wanted to open a grill meat formula concept and I had the idea of a contemporary fast food where all the social classe can meet, something friendly and unifying with quality products and little prices.



My pop company

My pop company


3.How did you choose the name of the restaurant ?

 I worked a lot to find My pop company name, I wanted to stand out without pretension and keep a dynamic and funky sound, it is very important to me that the name worked with a univers, when you see the name you must see the product !  

4.What is your interior design vision of My Pop Company ? Is it important to you ?

I need the place to be very aerate and lightful at first. I want to condition customers in a large and open space with, if possible, a beautiful view. Beaugrenelle department store is the perfect place, after shopping,  family  can take a break in our 350m2  restaurant of dining place, a huge bay window that provide lot of light gives a splendid view of Paris. 


My pop companyMy pop company



5.What is your inspiration for the interior design and decoration ?

My inspiration is to create a familial and social environment where people feels good and want to stay. My pop company is divide in 4 differents spots, a take away in the entrance, a eating on the go space and some goodies to shop, then you will find the restaurant classy part with large tables, confortable chairs and a real bar where you can also sit, have a drink or even eat a bit. Finally the best part, we provide vintage game with an arcade table and an arcade machine so you will never leave the place.

6.How would you describe your restaurant ?

My Pop Company is a blend between a fast-food and a premium restaurant.


My pop company My pop company



7.What kind of dishes do you serve ?

We made typical US UK fast food such as bagels, hamburger, pancake, milkshake & cheesecake !

8.What is the speciality of your restaurant ?

Traditional UK-US burger with fresh products, homemade bread, homemade sauce, fresh fries and a unique meat recipe elaborate with three differents cooks.

9.How much is the average price for a menu ?

About 16 euros for a menu with a burger, fresh fries and drink.

10.Is there any projects or events for the restaurant in the future ?

Before having any future projects I want to make sure to run my restaurant good, and maybe after that I will expand it in the world. I also want to create more elaborate recipe for my burger.

Thank you Hugues !


My pop company

To see the menu click here : My Pop menu

My pop company
What? MyPop cie( )
Who? Hugues Courage
Where? 7 rue Linois, Paris 75015
 When? Monday-Sunday 10am – 11pm
Contact: 01 45 77 23 95
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