How to Travel More With A Demanding Career

From traveling every weekend to rarely traveling… this is the new reality for most INSEADERs once they graduate. Work and family life takes over and we no longer have the time for spontaneous trips whenever we want. While it may be more challenging to travel as frequently as you once did, our INSEAD travel experts share their tips on how to travel more with a demanding career.

It is possible!

Traveling more is not as unachievable as you may think. Most of those people you see on your social media that always appear to be traveling are also working professionals, and they have mastered the art of balancing travel with work. If you want to travel more too, read on to discover how!

Work Remotely

If you do not have many vacation days, working remotely is always a good option. Considering that we tend to work from laptops and many destinations are well connected today with internet/ wifi, working remotely is technically possible. This is an idea you could propose to your company and position it as a work life balance option that will enable you to be more productive with a change of environment!

Extend Your Work Trips

For those who already travel for work, consider staying for the weekend to do some sightseeing and fly back on Sunday evening. The best part is, you are already at your destination and you don’t even have to pay for your flight!

Extra Vacation Days As Benefits

When the annual review comes around, consider negotiating for extra days off. If this is not possible, ask for more days off in exchange for the incremental salary offered. The incremental amount you receive per week, assume $50, may be worth forgoing for an extra 4 days of paid leave! If you do not want to forgo your salary, try to negotiate a reduction in other employee benefits for extra days off. You could also look at taking unpaid leaves, but this would depend on your priorities.

Switch Public Holidays for a Friday or Monday

Many companies allow you to work on a public holiday and take an extra day later of your choice. This works best when a public holiday falls on a weekday that is not a Monday or a Friday, which goes wasted as you cannot travel. If you work during that day, and decide to take an ‘in lieu’ holiday on the following Friday or Monday, you can combine it with the weekend for a weekend getaway.

Book Shorter Getaways

Speaking of weekend getaways, people tend to think that you need at least a full week off to plan a trip. But the secret is to use national holidays, or take even one Friday or Monday off and go on short weekend getaways instead! Try to do weekend trips more often and you just might find it enough to be recharged and refreshed.

Be Flexible

If you’re flexible about when and where you could travel, you can keep an eye out for great deals. Outline a tentative last minute travel plan and when you’re ready to pull the trigger, you can put your travel plan into motion. We recommend thinking about how you will ask for your days off and how you plan to complete your work remotely. If you plan to travel with your partner, make sure he/she is also on board!

What an INSEADer has to say…

With consulting we often had the option to choose to travel rather than heading home. So often, I’d fly to the client site Monday – Thursday, and then spend Thursday night to Monday morning traveling somewhere fun. I did a lot of remote Fridays because often my team lived in different cities from me, so it didn’t matter where I worked from. Moreover, while working abroad I also took advantage of all the US holidays that I was missing and took an in lieu when I got back. I’ve also taken unpaid leaves to travel for fun because I love traveling so much!”
-Neema A., BCG Consultant, INSEAD MBA

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