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Interview of Kathy Bohn, customer of Saint-Michel apartment


Kathy Bohn is Australian, she loves travelling and particularly coming in Paris. Recently she has rented an apartment in Saint Michel with Prestigious. She told us more about this great experience…

Prestigious : Can you explain us what was your first experience with Prestigious?

Kathy Bohn : I was very impressed with the professional service provided by Prestigious, and the accommodation that my family and I stayed in was perfect.  It was in Saint Michel and the location was ideal and completed, totally in compliance with what was presented to me on the Internet. Situated in Saint Michel’s district, right in the heart of Paris, of the Latin Quarter, the location was ideal to be plunged into the life in Paris, with its restaurants, its art galleries, its typical and charming streets. This apartment was also a walking distance to Saint Germain’s district, which also represents a big crush for us.

P : How did you feel about it?

KB :   Upon our arrival at around 9.00 pm we were met by a very delightful staff member who showed us into the unit and gave us a brief run through of the apartment.  We were also pleasantly surprised with a lovely basket of food items – certainly a warm and welcome gesture.

We felt really « expected », like guests, and it makes us feel good!

P : What did you like the most during your stay?

KB : We adored this apartment because it was very well configured, the decoration was magnificent, in a pure Parisian style, it is exactly what we like and looked for. The thing we preferred was really the localization of the apartment, near all the marvels which reserves this magnificent capital of Paris.

The place Saint-Michel was close, with a very attractive perspective on Notre-Dame, very close by the Law Court and if we walk a little the Louvre was not very far.

We took magnificent photos next to the fountain Saint-Michel and at the level of the Quai des Grands Augustins. Moreover, we discovered a gem of Paris: la rue de l’Hirondelle. This street is fabulous, we have the feeling to be back in the past.  

P : Would you like to repeat the experience?

KB : Of course, for our next journey, we shall make of new call for Prestigious, I do appreciate the services that suggests this agency, in particular their service of conciergerie, the fact being able to have, if we wish it, the service of a Chef, a staff shopper, or a babysitter, all this is very practical and when we travel abroad, it is even more useful being able to find some comfort easily. Prestigious allows all this, for our well-being!

P: Will you recommend Prestigious to your friends/families?

KB: Yes, we have already recommended Prestigious to our friends for their future journey. Especially to friends who travel in family, with kids. It is possible to travel and to discover new horizons when kids are young. This mode of rent with short duration is ideal to have an immediate comfort. In my opinion, deal with an agency as Prestigious is more practical and more suited than a classic journey hotel because the conveniences and the equipments are accessible directly when we rent an apartment or a house. Personally I shall not travel more than like that! Prestigious selects with care all of their unique properties adapted to every need, it feels the effects from the first experience of rent.

So, I would like to add a relative anecdote to my  » Prestigious experience « , a detail which has its importance: before our stay in this Saint-Michel’s apartment, I got in touch with one of the members of staff and asked for a service to her, before our arrival, I asked us to make one purchase for me, in a shop. It was something which was rather extraordinary and was not part of the rental contract with Prestigious. The staff has been trying hard to wish my favor. It is attentions as those who returned our remarkable and unforgettable stay…

P : Thanks a lot Kathy, we hope to see you very soon in some Prestigious places !

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