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Neobento is the new fresh, healthy and cute restauration place where you can eat raffined but familial japanese-french food, under the aspect of a revisited bento you can taste colorful associations of new ingredients from France and from beyond the sea !

Neo bento

Has a time or new restorations multiply everyday more and more, the creators of NeoBento, Lionel and Manu, have racked their brains in search of a new concept both unique and consistent with their beliefs. The start will be on the other side of the planet, in Japan, a country where the sun rises on a radically different side from our own eating. NeoBento is an innovative and unique concept of restoration, which draws its inspiration from the heart of the traditional bento . In Japan, full meal , originally prepared in the morning at home, is transported in its compartmentalized box to be enjoyed during the day . By upgrading this beautiful tradition, Neo Bento offers to its customers a bespoke , healthy and quality cooking.


the owners, manu & Lionel

1. When did you open Neobento and how did you get the idea of such restaurant ?

It started  few years ago, during a trip to Japan, when we discover the bentos, these small meal boxes that blooms at every street corner. A question arises : why did they not make the trip down here? It does not take long for the idea starts to germinate in our thirsty minds for something new.

After lot of reflection and brainstorming with a package of efforts, several pitfalls and immense satisfaction, NeoBento born in December 2012. A new Franco-Japanese concept went straight for a common imagination !

2. How did you choose the name of the restaurant ?

 Why ” Neo “?

Because both designers like to shake up ideas they want to offer their customers a different dining experience. A kitchen that is good for the body and mind , whether in quick lunch or dinner in a cozy atmosphere. The objectives are clear : to provide a balanced diet, responsible and above all happy!

Why ” Bento “?

Because we literally fall in love with this ancient Japanese tradition : a complete , healthy and attractive menu , all in a small box compartments . Bento is a beautiful harmony of flavors, a real contrast of tastes.We took pleasure in redraft this concept in our own way for a beautiful blending of European and Japanese inspiration.


Neo bento  Neo bento

3. What is your inspiration for the interior design and decoration ?

 Any good director will tell you : for the show to be successful, we must not overlook the scenery!

Directed by Park & ​​Associates Agency ,the layout of the restaurant itself is inspired by ” Scandinavian pop “contemporary cocoon.  A neo- minimalist Japanese style atmosphere, full of creativity : fun colors , clean and zen universe, a predominance of wood. A setting where you feel good that make it a bubbly and different place !

4. How would you describe your restaurant ?

Healthy, responsible and happy food are the three values of NeoBento, feel good kitchen is our philosophy !


Neo bento Neo bento

5. What kind of dishes do you serve ?

 NeoBento invites you to compose your bento to measure according to your needs , choosing the 6 portions that comprise :

– 3 servings vitality full of vegetables rich in vitamins

– 1 serving construction: essential animal or vegetable protein 

– 1 serving energy : a support type “slow sugar” , with or without gluten

– 1 serving pleasure not to mention the greedy, homemade desserts.

A selection of pieces which changes daily , depending on the desires and inspirations cooks, and with each new season , the menu is completely renewed. Revenue between Paris and Tokyo , lovingly cooked on site by the ‘ BentoLogues ‘ restaurant , with fresh , quality , seasonal ingredients.


Neo bento

6. What is the speciality of your restaurant ?

 Some classics that you will often have the opportunity to find the menu : Japanese mini- dumplings with sake and soy bean salad , apples and cashews, Japanese pearls in coconut milk , quinoa risotto with artichokes , the mashed sweet potatoes and cilantro, veggie patties in millet, kurugoma cake , etc …

7. How much is the average price for a menu ?

We opted for a quick meal on the spot or take away, with 3 formats bentos served cold tea with 1 home

The classic bento, and 6 servings offered at a special price of € -12.90

The maxi bento, for the most demanding portion with 1 additional € -15.30

The mini-B for small dips or small pieces : 3 servings instead of 6 to 8.60 €


 Thank you Lionel & Manu ! :)


Neo bento menu

Neo bento menu

Neo bento menu

We love NeoBento ! Give us you 
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What? NeoBento ( )
Who? Manu & Lionel
When? Close on tuesday – Open on Monday,wednesay, thursday 12pm – 6pm
Friday, saturday 12pm to 3pm
In the evening : Friday & saturday from 7pm
Contact: 09 83 87 81 86
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