Prestigious in Asia : First stop – Bali –

This week, our founder Suomi has stopped on her first layover at “l’île des Dieux”, a small piece of paradise that is beyond words.

The journey begins in Seminyak , located in the center of “Bali-chic” in the Southern part of the island.

First surprise : We discover this sumptuous villas and original owners Giacomo and Erica which are already waiting for you to have a truly unique Balinaise experience.

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What is your story? How did you arrive to Seminyak?

We come from the North of Italy where we miss the sun very much. In 2004, we came to Bali for the first time in search of the sun and cultural diversity. We automatically fell in love with this island from the first day we arrived. The natural beauty is unique to Bali as well as the personality of the locals which completely overtook us. We loved it so much, we decided to build a villa in 2012. We now reside between Italy and Bali .

What is the focus of the Villa?

We all know that everyday life can be stressful, therefore our main goal is for you is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay. It is with that mindset that the villa was built upon. Between the Balinaise traditions and nature, We want our guests to escape for the duration of their trip, forget their day-to-day stressful routines, and instead take part in the Balinaise lifestyle.

The focal point of this villa is “well-being” and we put everything in place to let you experience the unique serenity offered to our clients.

What are your specifications?

We are the only villa in Bali that offers a daily healthy driven gastronomic menu which is tailor made for your enjoyment. We have our very own Italian chef on our premises that adapts to the personal needs of each guest. We also offer massages, meditation, and yoga if you are in need for some relaxation.

Made, our villa’s very own chef, has mastered both italian and Indonesian cuisine. The villa’s team picks out the best seasonal products every morning in the local market.  One of our proudest accomplishments is the quality of the food and service we provide, making our villa truly special and one of a kind.


Do you have suggestions for our clients?

The city of Seminyak is full of activities and places to discover.

There is something for everyone! from peaceful yoga, to surfing for our more active guests: our spas and beaches are perfect for people looking to relax.

We insist you indulge on the lobster pasta offered by the hotel “The Legian Beach” in front of their magnificent overflow pool. Besides having one of a kind food, you will have private access to the beach “Legion” which will allow you to go for a romantic walk on the beach following your meal.

For those looking to grab a drink in a truly unique spot, we recommend the neighborhood of Canguu. This new trendy neighborhood is known for its creativity and dynamic atmosphere that surprises us every time we visit.

We are both passionate and head over heels about Bali. The hospitality of the locals and the energy felt throughout this island enthralls and surprises us every day. There is so much to discover and experience. Every day you spend here will be filled with memorable activities that you will keep with you for a lifetime.

Many tourists only get to discover a small part of the island. Instead, We invite you to our villa and promise to guide you to discover the true Bali and its sense of hospitality.

See you soon



If like us, Giancomo and Erica gave you the urge to travel, stay tuned with us because the trip has only begun !

Always Dedicated to you

Suomi & Prestigious team


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