Prestigious Team : Meet Divya, INSEAD Summer Intern

At Prestigious, we are a young, dynamic and united team, and we place great importance on recruitment. We have essential core values that we try to find in each of our recruits. Like respect, honesty and empathy for example – with a passion for travel, of course! That’s why we’re introducing our team members, through both personal and professional questions, to get to know them a little better. For company news or travel tips, follow us on Linkedin or Instagram :)

Divya joined Prestigious in July 2019 as a Summer Intern. Here’s her interview!

Can you summarize quickly your position and your functions at Prestigious ?

I’m a summer intern from INSEAD, and working as a Marketing Manager. My role entails building campaigns to raise awareness and generate bookings from insead alumni. I also do social media marketing, specifically reviewing Instagram posts and posting twitter content.

Why did you choose to make your internship in tourism and travel, and in France specifically? What are your plans for the future ?

I’ve always wanted to live in Paris, and being from INSEAD, which is based in Fontainebleau, it seemed the obvious choice. I have also been very interested in the travel space, specifically understanding why people book travel to certain places over others, how they make their travel decisions etc. I wanted to understand the marketing perspective as I feel marketing plays a big role in driving people (consciously or subconsciously) to book their destinations and places of stay.

In the future, I look at working in a marketing role, as through this internship I learned a lot and realized I enjoy marketing. I am also open to working in the travel industry.

From what you’ve seen during your internship within the marketing team, what’s the biggest challenge in marketing in the luxury/travel industry? What did you enjoy – or dislike – the most about it ?

The biggest challenge I feel in this industry is that it is hard to attract clients. Travel and luxury and both things that one does not need, but something one wants. So, it is tough to be able to create a desire for something that people can easily do without. Especially in tough times, this industry would suffer, as it is tough find innovative ways to entice clients during an economic downturn. Mass marketing also does not work here as we only target certain kinds of clients, so you need to think carefully about the audience in question and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

I enjoy traveling myself, and hence working in this industry does not really feel like “work.” Getting to work with and promote gorgeous properties, and creating content around the same is something that excites me. It is tough at times when you put in the hard work to create a campaign that you think will do well, but does not result in the desired conversions.

What is it like working in a startup environment, especially in Station F?

It is very different working in a start up environment. Everyone is very involved and the roles are not very defined, which make the work interesting. Station F is an stimulating place to be as you get to sit with many other start ups, and the monthly lunches we do together are a good way to exchange ideas and network. I especially love the big open spaces and the fact that you can sit anywhere and do your work. It works well for someone like me, who needs a change of environment to get my thoughts flowing.

One word to describe you?


A favorite destination, or recommandation? What’s your next destination?

My favorite destination is Greece. I think I was influenced by all the movies I watched as a young girl (which I have realized influences most people’s desire to travel to certain places). I recently visited Santorini and it lived up to my expectations.

My next destination would have to be Marrakech. It’s different from any other place I’ve traveled to and I’m specially looking forward to experiencing its vibrancy, food and culture.

If you want to ask Divya more questions or if you’re thinking we can help you with your next travel, don’t hesitate and let us know at ;)

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