Prestigious Team : Meet Estelle, Intern Social Media Manager

At Prestigious, we are a young, dynamic and united team, and we place great importance on recruitment. We have essential core values that we try to find in each of our recruits. Like respect, honesty and empathy for example – with a passion for travel, of course! That’s why we’re introducing our team members, through both personal and professional questions, to get to know them a little better. For company news or travel tips, follow us on Linkedin or Instagram :)

Estelle joined Prestigious in February 2019 as a Intern Social Media Manager.

Here’s her interview!

What is your background, your education and why did you choose to join the Prestigious team for your internship? What are your functions in the company?

I started studying Chinese language, then I specialized in communication.

One of my passions is to travel, and when I met Suomi (n.b: the founder of Prestigious), we got along very well! In addition, I had the same values as the company. And when Suomi told me that China would be one of the next destinations to add to the Prestigious list, I was immediately conquered!

At Prestigious, I am a Communication Assistant Intern, and I mainly deal with the management of social networks.

Why did you choose to apply in the world of tourism and travel?

Travel represents for me a state of mind of discovery, it is the ticket to open yourself to the world. Anyone who travels keeps fond memories. It is an experience that enriches us.

For me, the travel industry is inexhaustible because everyone is thirsty to discover new horizons. I want to help fulfill the dream of our travelers.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to managing social networks in the luxury / travel industry? What do you like – or do not like – especially in this role?

Taking care of several social networks is already a challenge (laughs)!

Today, the competition on social networks is tough. It’s the war of content creation. Ensuring the presence of Prestigious on social networks is a work in itself that requires a creative spirit, a lot of organization and rigor.

The field of luxury is an area for me that is primarily visual. On social networks, and in particular Instagram, it is precisely the aesthetics that prevails. On the other hand, I appreciate less when social networks are quirky and my publications are not posted on time!

Working in a startup, what does it look like on a daily basis, especially at Station F?

Honestly, it’s challenging in the good sense of the word. Days are never the same. There are always “surprises” that add spice to everyday life, which means that there are really no definite schedules, our schedules are flexible depending on the workload of the moment.

Working at Station F is a real privilege for Prestigious and its employees. We see thousands of startups every day, and conferences are organized almost every week. There is a good internal dynamic, in a dream setting!

One word to describe you?


A favorite destination or recommendation? What is your next destination?

Being Asian, Asia in general fascinates me! I have been to China before, but I would dream to go to Japan or Korea for my next trip.

If you want to ask Estelle more questions or if you’re thinking we can help you with your next travel, don’t hesitate and let us know at ;)

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