Prestigious Team : Meet Lucas, Head of Customer Experience

At Prestigious, we are a young, dynamic and united team, and we place great importance on recruitment. We have essential core values that we try to find in each of our recruits. Like respect, honesty and empathy for example – with a passion for travel, of course! That’s why we’re introducing our team members, through both personal and professional questions, to get to know them a little better. For company news or travel tips, follow us on Linkedin or Instagram :)

Lucas joined Prestigious in January 2019, as Head of Customer Experience.
Here’s his interview!

Can you summarize quickly your position and your functions at Prestigious ?

I am the Head of Customer Experience. My job is to make sure our customers & owners are consistently getting the best service possible. I have to coordinate our operational teams in order to prepare our properties to be in line with our quality standards. But I also have to be available before, during and after the clients’ stay, to anticipate their needs, and to provide them with a high-end service and carry out a follow-up of reservation.

Why did you choose to work in the travel & tourism industry?

I come from a hotel school formation. The world of service, luxury and tourism has always attracted me. It’s a demanding, competitive, but so entertaining field! No day is alike!

How do you offer the best possible customer experience? What is the difficulty, especially in the luxury and travel industry?

The key word for a successful customer experience is : tailor-made. Each client is different, and it requires constant adaptation to best meet their needs and demands. There is no magic formula, no standardization in luxury. The experience we deliver must always be personalized, original, and perfectly meet the client’s expectations.

What is it like, working in a startup environment?

A small cohesive team, versatile missions, great responsibilities and a pleasure to come to work every morning morning: that’s how I describe my daily life working in a start-up.

One word to describe you?


What is your favorite saying to stay motivated every day?

Practice makes perfect.

A favorite destination, or recommandation? What’s your next destination?

I highly recommend Turkey: a beautiful country, completely exotic and yet only 3 hours from Paris. As for the next trip: Italy!

If you want to ask Lucas more questions or if you’re thinking we can help you with your next travel, don’t hesitate and let us know at ;)

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