Dear Prestigious members,

We are proud to announce our growth of 35% of our initial results and an 85% growth in our catalog of villas and apartments in the world all  thanks to your loyalty and trust.

Our goal here at Prestigious is to maintain the satisfaction and happiness of our guests (you!). We’re always striving to provide you with opportunities to discover new places and unique properties for your next stay with us.

The time has come! Prestigious has arrived in Asia with some incredible new properties and experiences to offer you.

The vast continent filled with geographical wonders and unique people , Asia has become one of your favorite destinations to live unique experiences. From the small care and attentiveness to your desire of escape, Our founder Suomi, flew this morning for a long voyage across the continent to carefully select homes with exceptional characteristics to accommodate your dream trip.

Over the past few months, the Prestigious team has curated the perfect “Prestigious Asia Tour” for Suomi to experience each one of the new 13 new destinations to come.

Cannot wait to discover them?! Us Too!

This week, we will give you a small taste of the surprises we have planned for you in 2017.


Relaxation and yoga will be the main focus in our first stop in Bali, where Suomi will meet the locals and visit sumptuous villas in the towns of Seminyak, Ubud and Uluwatu. A small paradise gathering all the elements for unforgettable memories, “The Island of the Gods” will be added to our catalogue of destinations across the world.

The experience will continue in Japan, the country known as the “Rising Sun” where we will discover Japanese gastronomy on our layover in Tokyo. The traveling will continue to the renown Mount Fuji, the highest summit of Japan which is surrounded by it’s lush landscape. Ancient traditions will be observed by boat in the town of Kyoto. The Japanese journey will end with some beach hoping and surfing on the island of Okinawa.

Because our first priority is for you to enjoy your stay, and offer you a truly unique experience, the Asia trip continues in a country of tranquil mornings in the country of South Korea. Seoul’s energy will surprise you by how welcoming and dynamic it is.


Ready for take-off! Stay tuned for the Prestigious team will be making you dream of your perfect trip. And don’t forget that we are always here to serve you, guide you and welcome you to our new Asian destinations.

Always yours,

Suomi and the Prestigious team