Top 5 most charming villages around Saint Tropez

While it may be tempting to simply relax and enjoy the summer in Saint-Tropez, there happens to be many charming french villages worth visiting just outside of Saint Tropez. Here are our top 5 most beautiful and charming villages that you should visit during your stay.

Port Grimaud (12 km from Saint Tropez)

Port Grimaud, also known as the “Venice of France” is a seaside town built on the water. Famous for it’s charming fisherman style houses, you can rent a boat to explore the picturesque channels. Stop by the church of St. Francis of Assisi to enjoy an spectacular view of the port.

Before leaving Port Grimaud, don’t forget to visit the namesake village, Grimaud. Take a stroll through the heart of Grimaud, where every street has its own legend, starting with the Templiers street. Even though there are only ruins left, the view of the Moors and the sea from the castle of Grimaud is incredible. Visit the church of Saint-Michel, dated from the 13th century, and stop by the chapel of the Penitents where they still store the sacred relics of Saint Theodore.

Ramatuelle (10km from Saint Tropez)

Located in the hills of Paillas above Saint Tropez is a beautiful ancient village called Ramatuelle.

This ancient french village dates back to prehistoric times, with the stone monument Dolmen of Briande still standing to this day. The walls that surround Ramatuelle were built around the eleventh century and the rest of the village that we can still visit today dates back to 1620.

Not far from Ramatuelle is the hidden beautiful Pampelonne beach with the second highest lighthouse in France. If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you may even see a bit of Corsica from here!

Gassin (9 km from Saint Tropez)

Gassin, Latin for “Guardia Sinus” or “the Guardian of the Gulf”, is aptly named because of its exceptional view of Saint-Tropez, the Bay of Cavalaire and the Moors, from the Place Deï Barri. Relax and enjoy the views at one of the many terrace restaurants in this village. Gassin still has vestiges of the medieval period through its fort and the “door of the Saracens” which marks its entry.

It’s a pretty pastel colored town tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Saint Tropez. The streets are filled with flowers with the scent of jasmine wafting in the air. We recommend trying to find the old well, the “Androuno” which is also known as the narrowest street in the world, the 16th century Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the chapel of Our Lady of Consolation that was built in the 11th century. There is a reason why this village is one of the most beautiful villages in France!

Cogolin (11 km from Saint Tropez)

Like Gassin, Cogolin is also an ancient medieval town, with vaulted passages leading to the many small squares of the old town. Cogolin represents the iconic provincial French charm, with its narrow streets and tiny shops of local craftsmen, who specialize in making pipes.

While visiting Cogolin, you should stop at the Saint-Sauveur-Saint-Etienne church, take a stroll to the beautiful house that is called the “Sellier Castle”, and take a picture of the many serpentine door frames in the village. Don’t forget to climb to the top of the hill to admire the Clock Tower, a remnant of the old castle. Last but not least, end your day at the charming beach of the Marines, located just a few kilometers from the old village.

Sainte Maxime (15 km from Saint Tropez)

Often compared to Saint-Tropez but less crowded and less well-known, Sainte-Maxime is a stunningly beautiful town. This beautiful provincial town is located between the Massif des Maures and the Mediterranean. It is the perfect destination if you’re seeking peace and tranquility. Time seems to stop when you’re facing the deep turquoise blue sea, dotted with rocks along the shoreline. Throughout the year, Sainte-Maxime is alive with various festivals and its weekly Friday market.

Sainte-Maxime’s unique location features six beaches, all equally magnificent, extending for several kilometers, like the beach downtown or the family friendly beautiful beach of Nartelle. The city has even been awarded the “Pavillon Bleu d’Europe” for the quality of its bathing waters.

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