Why traveling is good for you

You know that feeling when you have just spent a relaxing vacation, refreshed and wishing that your vacation didn’t have to come to an end. That feeling just happens to be more than just an emotional response due to unplugging from your work and daily worries. According to science, traveling is not only good for you but it is one of the best things that you can do for your health. 

So get ready to pack your bags again as these are the key benefits of traveling for your mind, body and soul:

1. Traveling improves your health, physically and mentally

Whether it’s reducing stress or the risk of heart disease, traveling gets you physically moving with the simple act of getting out and exploring the world. For some people, discovering new places can even cure depression and anxiety!

Most importantly, traveling has a considerable impact on your mental well-being, especially if you are not used to getting out of your comfort zone. By breaking your daily routine and starting to discover a new environment, your mind and body will be reset, which will greatly relieve any accumulated stress.

2. Traveling disconnects you from your daily life

We are all familiar with the grind and stress of our daily life where we can be so caught up with just surviving that we sometimes forget that we need to take a break and live. Traveling helps us take that break by forcing us to disconnect, take a deep breath and discover new and wonderful experiences that helps us feel relax, alive and recharged.

When it’s time to head back home, just remember Wendy Wunder’s words
“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

3. Traveling improves creativity

It’s no coincidence that artists from all over the world spend so much time traveling, searching for motivation and inspiration. The neural pathways of our brain are influenced by our environments and experiences, which scientists have found that traveling can create new synapses in our brain and enhance our creativity.

According to one study, the more you are able to engage and adapt to new cultures, the more creative you will become. To truly enhance creativity, the study recommends immersing oneself in a new culture rather than simply taking some photos while passing by.

4. Traveling expands your network

Traveling offers you the opportunity to meet new people with whom you would not have the chance to connect with otherwise. Making new connections and building a network abroad is one of the best things you can do in today’s hyper connected world.

Not only will the social aspects of traveling enhance your sense of self, but research has shown that when you step out of your social comfort zone and immerse yourself in cultures different from yours, you reinforce your personal identity, including your values and beliefs, and increase your self-confidence.

5. Traveling opens your mind

Traveling expands your perspectives, not only of the world but also of yourself. When traveling, you can often find yourself in situations that you would have never known otherwise. When you are faced with the reality of living outside of your comfort zone, you will be challenged to transform your point of views. Psychologists have found that people often have epiphanies when they travel, because they are able to see their problems from a different point of view.

You can also expand your perspective by observing how others live, almost as if you are looking at the world through someone else’s eyes. Observing the way other cultures live can force you to question your own assumptions and discover there’s more than just one way to live.

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